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Thread: post intervention tailwater rod...

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    I will put my vote in for a 5 wt, 8-6" to 9-0". My tailwater rod is a Scott G 8'-8", the G2 may be similar or better (cant imagine!). I hear alot of people talking about the 4wt, so I wonder if the G2's are a little faster. The G is soft enough to protect the light tippets and has the muscle to fight a fish, and you can lean on 6x pretty hard. You never know when you will latch onto a monster fishing the tailwaters, though at least on the Clinch it seems less often than it used to be. You know though this is a very personal decision, good luck with it!

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    For tail waters I have always used a 5 wt. When fishing tailwaters I want to be ready for the big one,let him fight for a moment and then get him to hand. Right now I am using a Scott 8'6'' 5wt that always seems to get the job done. I have considered a 4 wt lately,particularly with the new technology put into today's rods. For now I am content. I must confess that I am looking hard at a cane rod. Maybe I'm not that content!

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    Default Off of the "wagon"

    Oops I eBay-ed again!! 9' 4wt
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    Leinart, *I ended up trading a couple of 5wts for that Sage XP 9' 6wt laying on the table last night. It will be my "new" Smallie rod * My wife was happy I got rid of some rods I don't use. Now I need to find a good case to store the new toy in! The search for gear goes on.
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