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    *I've been fishing over at G'burg for a couple of weeks. *Between fishing last Monday and today I caught 10 nice sized rainbows and all but 3 of them had a kind of red sore on their sides. *My husband caught 3 today and one of his had the same sore on it. *It is about the size of a pencil eraser, and usually on the front half of the body. *Has anyone else noticed 'bows with this problem? *Thanks, *Smokymtgirl

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    Not sure, but it could be from a wound of some sort...I haven't seen that on a trout, but I have seen it before on bass in warm water. Those Gaitlinburg trout are stockers; perhaps they picked it up in close quarters at the hatchery.

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    those sores are from when I went up there the other day and wore 'em out! but seriously, that's strange. maybe you just kept catching the same old fish. I would contact twra or whoever is responsible for that water and inform them.

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