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    The trip is all set now hotel reserved and pre paid, flight booked and paid for, rental car for the week booked and paid for. My parents are coming down from WV to take Gaintfish and his little sister to spend a couple weeks in WV. Gaintfish is excited because my brother is going to take him to my hunting cabin in wirt co. WV. Great deal Now my wife has even suggested I take a couple mornings and go fishing. The only problem with that is she want to shop while I am fishing. This trip may cost me alot even though its all paid for. . I have a cheap Browning 6pc convertable I am going to take, unless i can swing a good 7pc between now and then. 7 day lin. is only $36.

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    My mom and dad took me and my brother to Bar Harbor every year for vacation. What a beautiful spot on the the map!! If you are going to fish I would look toward doing it in the sea. Maybe a guide up that way could put you onto some fish.
    There is a lobster pound on the road going into Bar Harbor, it is on the right hand side of the road before you cross the bridge into Bar Harbor. Do your self a favor and stop there and get a mess of steamed clams and lobster, you will think you died and went to heaven. As for freshwater fishing, Moosehead lake in northern Maine is suppose to be awesome, I have never had the chance to go up there though.
    Write back and let me know how your trip goes.

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