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    How do you upload a picture? I am a computer idiot at some things.

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    There are all kinds of software available to reformat pictures...But thanks to the internet you've got places like that'll do it for ya! Just create a free account there, upload your pictures this will take any mg picture and format it to 800x600 which is what you will have to have it if your posting pretty much anywhere....Their should be directions on how to post there after! There will be three "codes" to copy and paste, make sure you pick the one that says html embed, i think. Copy it from photobucket and paste on the reply screen. It will specifically state what it's for, like message boards! Or you could just send them to Byron for him to post just make sure if it's a digital pic that it's under 2mg! Oh and don't forget if you ever delete what's in your photobucket account the html you used will no longer be any good and your picture will vanish wherever you so posted it!!!!!

    Hope that helps!

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