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Thread: begginer flyfishing question??

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    Default begginer flyfishing question??

    Where is a good fishing spot for someone who is just starting to flyfish? A place that can be easily accessed. Is there such a place? I know the mountains has hundred of miles of streams. Thanks

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    The West Prong just up from the Y is easily accessable and the fishing can be pretty good. Middle prong of the Little River along the gravel road (tremont) is also an easy place for a beginner to fish. All this of course is once the water has warmed back up.

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    A great place to practice is at the Y. Open and mostly wadeable, not many people this time of year, and definitely easy to get to. Probably won't catch much right now, but a good place to learn the water and work on line management and casting.

    Another good spot is right in Townsend, on the left heading toward LRO from Maryville at the picnic area across from the Apple Barn thing place. Of course this is not it's actual business name, but you get my "drift". I know, that was bad.

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