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Thread: tying class this past saturday

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    Default tying class this past saturday

    Saturday I took the beginner fly tying class at LRO. Got there at 9:05, let the cat in as always. what a great class. Walter and Brian are both top notch guys and excellent teachers. whip finish? no problem. Walter even showed me how to whip finish with just my fingers. yeah, I might have to practice that a little more. being in the class all day with such wise teachers, I learned a lot more about fly fishing than just how to tie a fly. Got to meet griff and buckeye for the first time, both great guys. buckeye has some serious photography equipment and took a few photos. maybe you could post a few if you get a chance. kevin, redc4man, even stopped by and showed off some of his new creations. Also was able to talk to byron for the first time and we had a good conversation. great day with great people, all fly fishermen (and women). I can't think of a better way to spend a saturday. except maybe actually fishing of course.

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    I agree Trevor, the tying instruction was top notch but was only about half of what was learned that day. Being able to tap into Walter and Brian's knowledge of fly fishing in the park was incredible. It was also great to finally meet you, buckeye, and redc4man and put some faces to the names.

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    It truely was a great time and lots of learning going on in that classroom, and I agree that there was more than tying being learned (thanks Walter and Brian). I am trying to get off so I can sneak in to the Feb 17 intermediate class. It was a pure pleasure meeting Byron and talking to him between fly lessons. My company motto is "Wake up every morning and give every ounce of your God given talent to make a positive difference in someones day". Byron truely fits our motto in my eyes. *I had a great time talking with you guys and sharing ideas, I like getting other folks perspectives on most everything. Thanks Griff and Trev for making a Buckeye feel welcome as a temporary Volunteer. Walter and Brian, thanks for some great insturction and for the added advise and fishing are a few pics....enjoy...


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