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Thread: Spot for fishing wet flies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gjbu View Post
    I do not tie much where can you find wets like the Leadwing Coachman?
    This wouldn't be too much different:

    Check out all the wetfly offerings at LROs on-line catalog.
    Please bear in mind that I have no idea what I am talking about.

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    I'm a lot like you. I have a lot of trouble even catching fish. Thats why I wrote in a previous response that I was kicking myself that I didn't try wet flies sooner.
    I was catching fish on 80% of my casts! Now fishing the same type of fly all of the time would probably get a little bit boring, but its always a good standby when things are slow or you can't seem to match the hatch.

    I guess we need to learn to think like fish!!
    So what if I don't catch a fish! I'm standing in a river waving a stick. It doesn't get much better...

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    I did call LRO and although they did not have leadwing coachmans I ordered a dozen parachute adams and a bunch of leaders and tippet. LRO is a great shop with great customer service.

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