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Thread: S. Holston, 2-10

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    I thought I recognized Hugh (from pictures) in the parking lot when we were gearing up yesterday! The SoHo , despite the cold weather was on fire with hatches depending on where you were at . We started at the grates and the fish kept coming up from down river to the feeding frenzy of emerging sz 22 black flies. We tore 'em up with 22 griffith's gnats and thread-bodied black emergers with a white cdc or poly wing in a 20-24. The water just boiled and the risers would even slash at 'em as the flies would literally POP straight up to the surface just as the water started to come down... phenominal!

    Down stream the fish were tearing up BWO emergers in a few runs ie. the picnic shelter. Great action for a cold February's day! Glad ya'll got into some very NICE fish, and thankyou for sharing the story and Photos.


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    We had some good luck on some bwo emergers as well, that was what they seemed to want there for awhile. Once we switched to that, we tore them up. It's a very unique river and is quite different than the backcountry streams that i am used to fishing.

    Now i'm from nc, so i don't know that much about tn, but the south holston was about 3 hours away from me in statesville, does anyone know of any other tailwater streams that is that same amount of time away or shorter? I know of the other tailwater streams in tn, but have no clue as to where they are at.

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    You were 15-20 mins from the Watauga


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