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Thread: Suggestions for May FF

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    Default Suggestions for May FF

    I'll be coming to the GSMNP May 18 for a few days of fishing. I've stayed in Elkmont before and fished Little River, Greenbriar, Lynn Camp Prong, etc. This time, I want to try the other side...maybe stay in Smokemont or even Balsam mountain campground. Any suggestions?

    I like to dry fly a lot and would like to get some good hatches. What's it like around there in May?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    flyinby, Smokemont is a great place to stay and Bradley Fork is a good stream as well You can follow the trail back pretty far on this stream or some tribs and find good brown trout fishing for miles into the back country. While your at Smokemont don't overlook the section just below the turnin. There are some real nice browns thru a mile or two section right up to the campground.
    Balsam Mountain is another good campground but it is real high altitude camping, so be prepared. You will have to go down to get to a lot of the better fishing and the road turns into a one way trek after you go so far. You can get into some good brookie country back in this section.
    There are a lot of Caddis on Bradley Fork and you will probably see some Sulfurs or Lt. Cahills if you're not too far up in altitude. There's always the Little Yellow Sally. If you are on Straight Fork or higher, look for Caddis and Maybe a few March Browns at the higher altitudes. Good luck.
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    Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.

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    I was down last year around May 15. Yellow sallies were coming off nice, went up Middle prong and got into some of the best dry fly fishin ever. I nearly chocked to death on stoneflies!


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    i agree that smokemont/bradley fork is amazing and also very pretty. balsam mtn campground is at 5400 feet so may can still be cold. also once you go down the one way road (leaves the back of the picnic area) you have to go all the way around and come back up the blueridge. not very convenient. the hiking around smokemont is also fantastic with lots of old cemeteries and places to see of historic value (mingus mill, oconoluftee trail, mountain farm museum).
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