I'm planning on hitting a local (unnamed !!) tailwater tomorrow due to the good gen. schedule. The weather is supposed to be cold and slightly windy with snow showers coming later in the day. I was gathering up my cold weather fishing clothing and my wife likes to make fun of all the trouble I will go through just to catch a fish. The long johns, layers of fleece, waterproof neoprene gloves and the earmuffs with a toboggan on top! I guess we do look kind of silly with all this gear on, especially after you add the waders and vest. Is it worth it? I think so!

The coldest weather I have been out on the water fishing was in Yellowstone in Oct. 2002. We would leave the warm hotel in West Yellowstone before daylight each day and drive past a bank sign that showed the temp. There were several days the sign was reading -4 deg. There was about 8-10 inches of snow on the ground also, so we pretty much had the parks streams to ourselves. The fish didn't care, they were hungry and we caught alot of good fish on that trip.
Anybody have any good tales of extreme fishing adventures?