So I picked up some ff magazines and had just finished reading a couple articles on fishing midges, when I decided to go online and check out the various websites the articles referrred to. I wanted to check out the colors, sizes, etc. The websites were just so-so and the photography was somewhat lackluster.

Then I thought, "What am I doing... Byron's been cranking out that online catalogue for a few days now. Surely he's got a few flies online by now..."

Whoa!! Looking really good guys. I went through the entire collection, item by item, and I'm impressed. I would highly encourage everyone to check out the online fly collection. The photography is excellent and the accompanying text is informative and enlightening.

Byron, Daniel, a big thanks and a big attaboy for a job well done!


ps. after viewing the online fly collection, I pulled out my fly boxes and did a thorough cleaning and re-organizing... now I have some idea of what I've bought over the past year.