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Thread: Downsizing and 7 fly patterns

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    Default Downsizing and 7 fly patterns

    At the beginning of last fall I down sized a bit. I left my vest at home and carried only what would fit into my two pocket fishing shirt. Flybox, hemostats, nippers, tippet, bug flotant.

    This week it looks as if it will mark the beginning of Spring. Now, however, Ive got a fishpond chestpack. Still the same priciple though-carry only what I know Ill need. Tippet, nippers, hemostats, bug dope (if the water temp is up) and about 7 fly patterns in different sizes. Thats where the problem is--my 7 fly patterns...what will I need and what wont I need? Itll change as the season progresses, but this week end it will be:
    1) Hares ear- classic early spring pattern
    2) Adams- classic pattern
    3) BWO- I watchin and waitin
    4) Black Wooly Bugger - check "5 Things You Never Fish w/o"
    5) Small Blk stonefly nymphs- first hatch of the year
    6) midge pupae- becoming a favorite for me
    7) small blue quill midge- not really a midge but small

    I cant carry anymore than will fit into a really small flybox. I carry a few different sizes in each (except the wooly bugger--size8 or 10)

    This list will change before the weekend probably. So anyone downsizing this season? And please list your "7 Fly Patterns for this early season"

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    I can never bring myself to carry only seven different flys, but here are my choices:

    1)olive wooly bugger
    2)BH Pheasant tail
    3)Parachute adams
    5)Elk Hair Caddis
    7)Terrestrial pattern (probably an ant)

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    Default Minimized Smoky Mtn. Fly selection

    I like to trim down my selection of flies for Springtime Smoky Mtn. fishing also. Here is my top seven choices for a shirt pocket flybox.

    1. Para Adams #14-12
    2. Thunderhead #14
    3. Para BWO #16-14
    4. Classic Quill Gordon #12
    5. Yellow Stimies #18- 12
    6. BH Prince # 16-12 or George nymphs
    7. BHFB grey hairs ear # 16-12

    As the spring season hatches progress and change, I usually switch out the Quill Gordons for Light Hendricksons and then to Light Cahills.
    The Hairs ears are replaced with a larger Stonefly pattern such as #6-8 rubberleg Tellicos and #8 George nymphs.

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    I still carry more that seven flies. With that being said, I think all I need are three:

    Para Adams 16-18
    BHPT 14-20
    Black ant 16-18 (fished wet or dry)

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    Default My 7

    1. Parachute Adams 14 - 18
    2. Yellow Stimulator 12 - 14
    3. Mr. Rapidan 14 - 16
    4. Beadhead Flashback P.T. 14 - 20
    5. Beetle 16 - 18
    6. Red Midge Pupa 18 - 22
    7. Parachute BWO 16 - 20

    ...and I thought I had a hard time getting my list down to 10


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    Like most others, i don't think i could carry only 7 to the stream, but here's my best shot:

    1. Smoky Mtn. Blackbird Soft Hackle
    2. Biot Bodied Cahill
    3. X2 Caddis
    4. CDC Soft Hackle Emerger
    5. Tellico Nymph
    6. Black Stonefly
    7. Parachute BWO

    Those are for this time of year, during the summer months they would change up and there would definitely be some terrestrials thrown in there!


    Almost forgot, i had to edit my post so i wouldn't forget my stimulators. I always carry a wide variety in many different sizes and colors.

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    I don't know if you own one, but the C&F fly boxes are light, small (will fit in your shirt pocket, and will hold a ton of flies. assuming I would lose no flies ( yeah right) I could fish the whole year, smokies, and tailwaters with what's in there right now.

    as for downsizing, I started out downsized, and over the past couple years have moved to full vest and a bunch of crap I don't need. I have been thinking about downsizing again. I've tried a lanyard, which I don't care for too much, chestpack... might as well just wear a vest, fanny pack around the waist... not comfortable for me. the best thing I have found, and the way I originally started was with what I can only describe as like a purse. a small bag that I can sling across my shoulder, flipped around to my back, like the way people would have worn a traditional creel. why does no one make this? actually orvis makes one that's ok, but I'd like something a little different. In my opinion, companies are making products with too many features. everything's like a pack that's a chest pack, with a waist belt that you can tuck out of the way, or snap it to backback, and on that you can attach a cooler with a built in fishometer and a customized sandwich pouch or something. Some people probably find all this very useful. I'm a gear head and like innovative new products and materials, but I wish someone would make something simple with quality materials. Is there some product that I am overlooking?

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    Default "Tackle Purse"


    I have a "purse" that I use on a regular basis. It sounds exactly like what you are looking for and I bought it a number of years ago from LRO. It's made by Hardy and it is called the "Brook bag". They make others that are similar but this one works best for me. Here is the website

    Laugh if you will, but I also take it to sporting events such as baseball games, hockey games, etc., to carry tickets, wallet, etc.

    Chris McCarthy

    Many go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.
    - Henry David Thoreau

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    that's what I'm talking about! just a bag like that. simple, effective.

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    ooooh, did i do this one already? Can't remember...don't think so. are my 7...( is that what we're doing? Dang it - I'm always behind!)

    1. Elk Hair Caddis, tan #16
    2. Prince nymph( flashy) #16
    3. Stimulator( or similar) #14, #16
    4. Hare's Ear #16, #18
    5. Parachute Adams #16
    6. B.W.O #22
    7. Yellow Sally #16, #18

    Wow. 16's and 18's rule the roost in my box I guess. Hmmm. neato. i guess. haha.

    Can I have two or three #12 Stimulators stuck in my hat?

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