Fished for my first time on the Caney Monday with Jeff Barrett of JLB Outfitters. We waded in just below the dam about 9 am, the generation ran over the published 8 am cut off by an hour, so the water was swift at first...but it fell out pretty quickly in that first quarter mile.

The air temp warmed all day from mid-30s early to nearly 55 in the afternoon, but the wind blew very hard just about the entire time. The wind made casting my 4 wt. quite a challenge and mending the line and reading the water was very difficult. My wrist aches today from constantly ripping casts into the wind. I guess it's like swinging a bat with a doughnut in the on-desk circle...the next time I cast in calm conditions it should feel like cutting butter.

Had some early takes on tellicos and copper johns, then on olive crystal buggers once the sun got overhead and the fish wanted something to chase. My buddy and I landed 3 rainbows and 2 browns in the 12-14" range, and lost a few more. I think the pressure from the weekend and the rough conditions made it a hard day, but hey, I wasn't at work. msh