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    Im looking for an alternative to a belly boat. I mean there is nothing wrong w/ a belly boat or float tube but um I have a big yellow dog that likes to fish too. So any two person kayak would be nice, I guess it is not really a kayak but a "kayak-style" craft. Ive seen some of these on the water, but never took notice as to what they were. Ill be using this mostly on still water, possibly on slow moving rivers (like the New River near Radford,VA).

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    Default fishin yaks

    I like to FF out of my inflatable kayak. There are several brands out there that are good quality and safe to fish from. I spent alot of time deciding which one would be best for me and the type of water I wanted to be able to float.
    I went with the inflatable because I wanted to be able to put everything inside my vehicle, unlike the rotomolded or fiberglass types which are strapped on top of the vehicle. Most of those are limited to flat water or the ocean.
    I have an AIRE Lynx 2. It is 12.5' long and 39" wide. Most of the time with 2 anglers, the front seat will fish while the rear controls the boat. I have floated the Hiwassee and Little River in it and it will handle up to class 5 WW although a class 3 rapid is plenty exciting for me.
    If you are looking for something wider that you can row, then you may want to look at the Outcast Power Drifter. it is wider and has a rowing frame and a dog or small child can be taken along.
    Star inflatables over in SC has several fishing kayaks that are already set up for FF out of.
    I really enjoy being able to paddle and fish just about anywhere in the yak
    and since it deflates and folds down to the size of a large suitcase, I can take it on vacations or FF trips.

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    Abby and I fish alot from our kayaks.....I bought a cheapie before I met her just to try it out. It was under $120 but it sure has taken a beating and is very fishable. It is an 11' single person kayak. After Abby tried kayaking around our local reservoirs and really liked it, I bought her a better unit for Mothers day. We have used them on flat water and in our local rivers and really enjoy them....they can give you access to waters that others can't get to.......

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