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    Byron or paula, I was just looking at the twra website for the lincense information. First off I always buy a sportsman lincense $136 talk about sticker shock. I paid it last year but it still hurts. When I hunt on my land in WVa I pay about the same price for an out of state lincense And still have to pay $800 dollars for property taxes. My real question is about Gaintfish. The jr hunt and fish does not cover Gatlinburg but it is unclear about a trout stamp. $18. does he need a trout stamp for the tailwaters or does the jr sportsman cover it. last year I started a debate in LRO and I think we decided he didn't need one. But I would hate to get checked on the Caney and he does need one. The web site is not real clear. Help

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    Last year and the year before I bought the jr hunt and fish tennessee license. I got checked up in the Cherokee Natl Forest last spring (stocked water) and I was fine. - or I was fine w/ that game warden- Both the ppl at LRO and a gas station on the SoHo decided that I did not need a trout stamp w/ my jr hunt and fish license.

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    Giantfish does not need a trout stamp.


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