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No fishin' for me today, maybe the HI tomorrow though. Let us know how the Caney is fishing... I'm looking forward to fishin' it over spring break soon!!!
I arrived at Betty's Island around 8:30. There was a small crowd so I hiked down to some of the slower, less attractive looking water. Fished for about an hour with no luck and decided to pack it up and fish near the dam. As I was walking through the gravel parking lot, a gent and his wife asked if I had a set of jumper cables. He left his lights on and his battery was dead. Anyway, that ended up being my day. This man crossed the jumper cables and ended up blowing some fuses in his truck (fuel pump relay I think). Thankfully it didn't harm my jeep too. I took him to Napa in Carthage to get some parts...we still couldnt get it started. I ended up driving him and his wife back to Nashville (she was 6 mos pregnant).

If you ever jump someone else off....always hook the cables up yourself!