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Thread: Appalachian Mts.

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    Default Appalachian Mts.

    Ok this is a little weird, but when I retire I want to move to the Mts. but where in the Appalations Mts. can you put a house? Also any other streams outside of the GSMNP. I would like a house by a stream. I will fish from sun up to sun down! I've always wondered if you could live in the mountains, there are so many parks. It's a weird question but that is what I want to do when I retire years from now. Hopefully the mountains won't change over the years!

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    Hey there Giantfish!

    Well, first - dude, YOU( and your friends) are going to be the driving force that determines what happens in the mountains( and everywhere else for that matter). Don't worry too much about it though - sometimes I wish I would have lived in Cades Cove, but then - they didn't have cable internet either! So, there's kind of a trade off.

    As for houses in the mountains, I'm sure by the time you retire there will be more than enough places for you to retire to in the mtns. Sadly, public land in general seems to get smaller and smaller, but lately there have been some improvements - land being purchased for public use, greenways created( where land along a river corridor is purchased and linked together to make it easier to protect - and enjoy -the river or area)

    Yes, you can retire in the mountains and live on a river with trout - and it's up to you and you're peers to make sure it's still that way when you're old like me.

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    Hi GiantFish,

    Remember that by being active in your local chapter of Trout Unlimited, you will be contributing to efforts to preserve and improve trout habitat and insure that you and your grandchildren will have places to enjoy the sport you are coming to love.

    I am like you. I would love to have a little cabin in the mountains by a stream.

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    I'm reminded of the sad, but true paradox... the difference in an enviromentalist and a developer is that the environmentalist already has his cabin in the woods.

    There is land around Cherokee National Forest that is far less developed than around the Smokies. Some put and take stream, some wild streams, but most are a short drive away. I imagine they have similar areas on the NC side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingstonian View Post
    I'm reminded of the sad, but true paradox... the difference in an enviromentalist and a developer is that the environmentalist already has his cabin in the woods.

    Well put!! I prefer a good walk in the woods with my cabin on my back!
    "Great things are done when men and mountains meet." William Blake (For general interest in the Middle Tennessee area)

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    Default Status of Foothills Parkway North of Townsend

    I think we all share the same dream. I've got about 5 yrs to go then I camping out Elkmont for the rest of my life. Does anyone know the status of the Foothills Parkway. The undeveloped section north of Townsend. I believe some day there will be some tremendous oppurtunities to purchase land alone the portion of the Parkway. Similar to Top Of the World and other developments. There currently is a dirt road that will eventually become a paved road. Some of the most spectacular view of the the park can be seen from the Foothills Parkway.

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