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Thread: New legal Tubing Hours

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    painted cheerios are sealed and retain the natural buoyancy of a tube. the little copper john or BHPT will look like a head and the wings appear to be the legs...irresistable to wild trout innured to tuber hatches.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geerona View Post
    I'm stealing the Flanker Fish line also, hope you don't mind fishlicker! Perhaps when we meet fellow fishermen on the streams this year we should start out by asking if they have caught any Flanker Fish. We'd know right away if they were a board member.
    No, I don't mind at all. Perhaps there could be some sort of virtual award to the person that meets the most members using the Flanker fish line? We could have some bumper stickers made up with a "Flankerfish" slowly rising to intercept and sip down a Cheerio! A contest to draw a flankerfish, that others may know one when they catch it?

    A secret handshake huh? Maybe a simple handshake with a flanker-fish-finger-wiggle of the pinky fingers? hahaha

    ...oh, and homesick for somewhere you've never lived...let me start a new thread on that topic...I gotta sumthin' to a say on a that....

    but enough about flankers...they taste horrible I'm told - back to the cereal. Speaking of cereal....(am I speeeeling that right? errr...correctly...oh well...)

    "I like ceeereeeal..." - Cheese, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

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    Default Anti-Tubing Literature

    This is a publice service announcement:

    "Tubing is dangerous."

    That is all.
    "Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after."~Henry David Thoreau

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    that is one fine piece of editorial informational schisckbosklic monophramblic contribluatoinal reporting there green are a fine american. I too am worried about the health and hatch of this years tubbers........


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