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    Since living in knoxville the clinch is practically in my backyard and I tend to very often make trips over there after classes during the week yet i have never fished anywhere but the weir and millers island. Im just not sure what kind of water and exactly where there are other decent access points. I need to mix it up a little bit, where would yall suggest?
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    I like the section behind the jail in clinton by the 61 bridge. I parked in the chruch parking becuase there is a sign by the dumpsters that states no parking at the jail. When I was there a chruch member went into the chruch and said nothing to me. So I hope it will stay that way as long as people respect the chruch property. If you can't park at the church or jail you can park at the soccer fields and walk up behind the road to access the river. Be careful of the alarm behind the jail. I love the that section of the clinch.


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