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Thread: The Caney-A good wade spoiled.

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    All I own now are 3 wts. in 6'5 ft and 8'7 or something like that. Far as I know I've never killed any of the two big fish I've caught with them. LOL

    I thought rod weights were for the size of the fly, not playing the fish...I can't see pushing a 6x tippet any harder because you're tossing a 7wt rod, but maybe I'm just not getting it...

    I used to use a 6 wt for bass, and it was so boring I just stopped bass fishing with it and went to a guessed it.........a 3 wt.

    broomsticks are fer sharpenin' the ends and roastin' yur weenie while yur campin'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishlicker View Post
    All I own now are 3 wts. in 6'5 ft and 8'7 or something like that.
    broomsticks are fer sharpenin' the ends and roastin' yur weenie while yur campin'.

    Keep swinging them 3 wts. At the end of the day you'll be a happier man and less arm,back,etc.. fatigue! Nothing ventured-nothing gained!

    BTW, You got a great sense of humor! Maybe we should change your board name to "Fishlicker the cable guy" or " BR549"

    "Great things are done when men and mountains meet." William Blake (For general interest in the Middle Tennessee area)

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    Fighting fish with light tippets has more to do with the flex of the rod than the weight of it IMO.
    I'll put more pressure with a bamboo, fiberglass or mid-flex graphite than i will a fast action graphite.
    The slower action rods will absorb more of the shock when a fish decides to make an evasive maneuver, a tip flex /fast action will not, ya really have to be on your toes while fishing one.


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    Default bass?

    Quote Originally Posted by fishlicker View Post
    I used to use a 6 wt for bass, and it was so boring I just stopped bass fishing with it and went to a guessed it.........a 3 wt.
    Woah! You're using a 3wt....for bass? As in smallies? smallmouth? what?.....what are you throwin at em? Pheasant tails? ....I need a little insight here, Im!

    I was thinking about gettin a bigger rod for my b-day...9'6 6wt--for bass..and trout. But now I dont know....yall have gotten me confused

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    Default Bassin on the 3wts.

    We probably should have moved this discussion on over to the WW forum but I would like to give my opinion on this also.
    I have caught alot of Largemouths and Smallies on my 3wt. A 9ft. St. Croix LU. It is a fast rod but fishes better with a 4wt line. You can fish small buggers and poppers effectively up to a size 6 hook.
    If I need to throw big flies including streamers, a 6wt. is much more effective, especially in windy conditions. I wouldn't want to even attempt throwing a sinking line with a 3wt.
    I usually carry my 3wt. and the 6wt. when going to the tailwaters and use which ever one is best for the conditions and flies I'm throwing.
    When fishing for any kind of Bass or Carp I don't use anthing less than 3X tippet and keep my drag setting fairly loose for any runs the fish may take, and they will!
    MTN TRT, A 6wt. rod is very usefull and would make a very nice B-day gift. It will expand your fishing capabilities to many other species other than trout, and you'll want to travel out west someday and a 3wt. is very difficult to fish on some of those big open streams with gusting winds.
    Remember guys, this is just my opinion!

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    For what it's worth, the rod weight determines the line weight that can be thrown well; line weight, in turn, determines the parameters of the flies that can be thrown well; ability to successfully and quickly play fish of large size is more a function of tippet size than rod weight. You can exhaust a large trout with a 7-weight as easily as with a 3-weight if your tippet is too light. You may exhaust your arm muscles quicker with a 3-weight, and that's about all.
    Please bear in mind that I have no idea what I am talking about.

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    Talking Speakin' of 3wts...

    I recently landed a 20.5" Bow on my Sage SLT 389-2 rod on 7X tippet. I also have a good drag on the reel, and let that do alot of the work! I landed that fish with a friend netting him for me in well under 5 min. If you are afraid of using light tippets, spend the x-tra scratch and buy some froghair (made a believer out of me!). As far as wind goes, the bigger the line, the larger the diameter, the more wind resistance. If you are using small flies, say, 16 & under, a 3 wt will carry 'em through the wind just fine, even with a yarn indicator and small spilt shot. Just open up your stroke alittle, then speed up on the foward cast. You CAN doublehaul with a 3wt rod when needed!


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    Default Rod Weight debate

    I was thinking that as well. I fish a Scott 5wt g on tailwaters. It is like most other manufacturers 4 wts, except that (I think) it has more backbone. I bet it is no stiffer than the Loomis GLX 3 wt. Rods are all over the map as are lines. Take for instance the SA Mastery Series; the trout line is the lightest, the XPS is heavier and the GPX is heavier still. Most move up to the XPS or GPX with faster (read stiffer) rods. Whatever works for you, works. That is the great thing about this sport, personal preference is king. The soft tips certainly protect tippets on the hook set, as does the soft tip on my G. Don't take that three weight out for Tarpon though!

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