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    Default Fishing Report says slow...

    I would have to concur. Spent the afternoon working the lower portions of Tremont, mainly along the gravel road. The water was moving fast but running clear. Saw some sz 18-16 early brown stones, a few dun caddis(1 and a few quills at sz. 14. No risers to take the adult flys though. Worked a heavily weighted BHPT with split shot 3-4' under a yarn indicator and managed two bows that were 8-9" in length but fat & healthy none-the-less. Met "Trouttater" from this board and some of his friends. Super nice guy and one heck of a tyer! We traded some flies and shared a few tails. These gentlemen were having a tough go of it as well today. A few other flyfishers I spoke with were smelling skunk too. Beautiful day to get out despite the blustery conditions! Hope someone here had alittle better luck! Things can only get better from here!



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    AA, Thanks for the compliment. It was good to meet you also and I am going to tie up a few of those soft hackles this weekend while the kids are in bed. If I can't fish, I might as well tie. If the weather turns out good and the bite is on, my wife will pay dearly. I may have to leave her alone with the kids for a few days and camp in the park with my cell phone turned off.

    Our day ended much similar to the other fishing reports I have seen from the weekend. NADA I did manage to catch a few twig trout and had a couple real nice hookups with a boulder bass. Ended the day down two nymphs and no fish.


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