Finally was able to get out and wet line and hit the Clinch yesterday. Fishing was decent despite the vicious wind. It was ripping throughout most of the day and always seemed to be into your face where you wanted to cast. I was throwing a 9' 4wt, so it was pretty much like using a piece of overcooked spagehetti. But hey, you gotta fish when you can with what you've got.
I started out low by the Church and picked up some bows 8-10" on a pt. I tried using a dropper rig, but that was adding insult to injury and spent more time untangling it... Later on I went high to millers island after lunch met a friend from another board and found some more willing fish. There were the usual suspects out to play - the fingerlings, but there were several more 8-10" fish and toward the end of the day I found a pod of 12 inchers to pick on. The wind driven wave action made it tough to spot fish. Some gust occasionally got right down ridiculous, you just had to stand there hunched over, hold your hat, and let your line flail in the wind like a torn sail. The other times you could you could use the wind to lengthen your cast or you wait to cast between the blasts. The trees were doing a lot of creaking an popping, and you had to keep an ear out for that occasional resounding "craaack" that would send larger sections crashing down. Put it this way, if yesterday had been on an approaching front, I'd left a long time ago.
Despite it all, it was good to get out, feel the fish on the end of line and the windburn on my face.