Fished the Caney the other day with a good friend out of his newly rigged boat, jet motor, remote trolling motor & brand new 10' TFO Teeny 5 weight.
He was repaid with a 10 lb bull brown, that erased any thought at all about the money spent on the boat.
We ran into another boat, they were talking about the slow fishing, except for the one big hen brown that he pulled from the livewell, she "was" about as big as the bull my friend caught, i would have loved for those 2 fish to hookup, it'll never happen.
We've been catching & missing some good urns here lately under generation.
There's a few pics at under the FF'n section, "Big Fish" thread, heck, i'm glad i was there to net the thing & snap a few pics for him.
If the scheduled work goes well on the dam, i think we're going to be seeing some more of these fish in the next few years, my fingers are crossed.