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    Saturday night I stoped at the pizza shop on ski mountian road to get pizza to go. As I was getting out of the truck the delivery driver stopped me after he noticed the mtff lincense plate. "have any luck today?" NO "you should have been with me, I know where they are!" I thought here we go, a know it all bait fisherman. OK where are they? well one is in my trunk, 3 or 4# rainbow." around here yea right! He opened his trunk and in a cooler was a least a 22" to 24" rainbow. " the hatchery stocks the male brude trout every 4 years." said he caught it around the Pittman center. I was telling Byron that I have caught one trout that size on the caney fork, but I have fished about 6 yrs before I caught one a flyrod and mine was returned to the river. I have caught several golden and rainbow in wv around 20" as a kid on spinners.was I am happy for the pizza fisherman, But I still hate to see one that size dead.

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    I could beat that!!! by alot!
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    I really like having Giantfish on this board!
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    he didn't tell you his name did he? one of my friends was guiding by day and delivering pizza up there by night. he got married and I haven't talked w/ him in about 6 months.

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    No he didn't tell me his name. the pizza place is on Sky mountian rd.

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