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Thread: Field & Stream Survival Test

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    Default Field & Stream Survival Test

    Are you guys and gals ready for the backcountry?

    Hey Giantfish, Lets see how you do? Do you drink coffee? He He...

    "Great things are done when men and mountains meet." William Blake (For general interest in the Middle Tennessee area)

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    I got a 90. It's a pretty interesting quiz with some useful information on it. I like stuff like that. I have heard the one about rubbing snow on frostbite before, though.......


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    Ok, I'll admit it. I got an 80. I thought the clothes one was a trick question. I thought you were supposed to ...wait...i'll tell you later when everyone's had a shot at it.

    lemme just say I ain't wearin nothin out in the woods that ain't good'n broken in. ( but don't listen to me, i ain't given the answer here.....i really hate the double-trick-non-trick questions.

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    I got a 90! I did not like the food Quest. But I knew everything else, I'm still studying on surrvival! Soon I will be able to hear somthin before I see it and stuff like that!

    My Motto: Nature cannot beat Man, but Man cannot beat nature.

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