Well, Byron, once again you got me to thinkin'...

Spring may indeed seem to be here, but we have a few "winters" to get thru yet. I'm wonderin' how many out there have ever heard of Stooksbury Winter?

I know we've got Dogwood Winter coming up shortly, followed closely by Whippoorwill Winter, so I went and Googled Whippoorwill Winter to see what I'd get. I got the following quote from a piece by Carson Brewer in the early 80's:

"True Winter May Be Over, but Watch Out for These Others
April 14, 1983
Discusses Dogwood Winter, Whippoorwill Winter, Blackberry Winter, and Stooksbury Winter. Discusses a smallpox treatment from the book, The Cherokee Physician by James W. Mahoney."

Now, I knew about Dogwood, Blackberry, and Whippoorwill - which I was always told was the last of the three - but what in the world is Stooksbury Winter??