Hello to Everyone!
I escaped Louisiana about ten years ago (pre-Katrina and Irish descent, not French) and eventually migrated to East Tennessee (Seymour) about six years ago (Still yet, I'm referred to as a Cajun). Until then, most of my fishing consisted of fishing slow, meandering (muddy), bayous and dishpan oxbow lakes. Fished some of the larger lakes and neon rivers in this area and was greatly saddened by the amount of pollution in some areas. Decided to try my hand at fly fishing in the mtns last year. Didn't take long to learn that fishing free stone streams was a completely different kind of fishing than I was accustomed to. Spent half a day with Tim Doyle and learned more than I would have in two years trying to do it on my own. I've improved and I catch fish but still receive my share of spankings from the browns and 'bows.
Then, in November, I had a disc collapse in my neck that disabled me temporarily. Went through every pill and injection imaginable trying to get over it but I finally had to submit to surgery in January. The doctor released me yesterday to go back to work and pretty much do anything I want. So within the next two weeks, if you see a broad shouldered lad attempting to recall the ancient rhythms of casting taught in accordance to Doyle, that's probably me. Please do not laugh so loudly that I can overhear. I might have to flick a fly at you!