Crossed the Cherokee county line about 9:00 this morning. What a morning to be out early.....beautiful. Only thing, this morning I was havin' to go solo, but sometimes, when the urge to get to the river calls, that just won"t stop me. Not many people out today. Gut at the store said it was twenty one degrees last night in Andrews. I never did take the water temp all day. Just watching the fish though told me it was gettin" warm enough. Took a little different approach today, fishing black bugger. Didn't see your post about the black bugger until tonight T.E., but you were dead on. I moved fish everywhere I went. Started off with some greedy brook trout, nice fat couple of fish. I was looking at water that most of the time I stay away from with a dry, or when I'm nymphing. Deeper, darker runs. The first good lookong one paid off big time, I didn't make two strips and wham. Didn't take a second to realize that it was a good fish.Big rainbow. Some real hard pulling . After I checked the fish against the rod, it was very obvious I had taken the biggest rainbow that I've ever caught this side of the Mississippi river. Best I could tell it was right at twenty ....maybe a hair better. was six to seven inches up one side. The thickness amazed me, the NC DNR must have really fed this fish. Enough of that, I lost count of the strikes, short hookups, and fish that made killer runs at the dreaded bugger. A lot of this was before 12:15. Took lunch and sat by the river for a while, pulling the Volunteers through another tournament game on the radio. Took a couple of fish with the nymph and even saw some small fish rising. I quit at five o'clock and the fish were still chasing the bugger. Pretty good day for the second time out this year. I hope the bugger is not habit forming, but it was really cool to see these fish dart up from the bottom and get excited.