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Thread: Bald River vs North River

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    I can remember when me and my dad used to go to tellico to ride atvs and fish on the weekends. My dad use to always have beer with him and I can remember once or twice an officer coming into the campground and never saying anything about it at all. I can remember the only thing that was every really said is that if you were going to drink, to just be discreet about it and if at all possible to use a solo cup. Its been awhile but I thought that one of the stores at Greencove used to sell beer.

    On the other hand, when we use to have jeeps that we built and would ride in the OHV part of the park in the NC side right past state line campground, alcohol was not allowed and rangers would actually search the coolers in the jeep for beer.

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    Hey Marktronic. Hope I am not too late on my reply, but I just joined the forum yesterday. I would recommend NR because of the Brook trout issue. More of those on the NR in my opinion. I agree that I would use 1 of the little campsites on the road on NR. Flies- BH Pheasant tails are tearing them up! Quill Gordon and Dark Hendrickson dry flies. And NO! As of last year, alcohol is not allowed. Pour your beer in a cup and you will be fine. As long as you are not flaunting it or raising ****, they are not going to really care. Hope this helps. Stop by Telliquah Outfitters on your way up and ask for Steve. I would be glad to help you with any more questions about the area and would like to meet you. Good luck!

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