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Thread: Big Bad Bear!!!

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    great story, I also remember when you posted that you once had to shoot a bear and was wanting to hear the whole story. You don't remember th GW's name do you, it wasn't Clure was it? He's a Sevier Co. GW, also the resident bear expert. I met him about a month ago at a bowhunter education course. Great guy, makes me feel better knowing people like him are out there protecting our resources.

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    Default Great game warden, too!


    Indeed, the game warden was Mitch Clure! TWRA and we are fortunate to have Mitch serving our area. He not only did his follow-up job thoroughly and courteously but was more than willing to teach me a lot about my incidence and share other typical bear actions and habits while here which I shared with you in my 'Big, bad, bear story'.


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