Anyone feel free to chime up! So, the plan is a late summer vacation to Destin Beech Fla. Planning on having the best time of our lives of course. The question is where or who might be the best Tarpon fly fishing guide service to these waters. I've browsed a bit online and have came up with a few. Has anyone been fishing for Tarpon in Destin? It's certainly advertised! Has anyone been fishing at all in Destin? I also see Dolphin and Redfish of course and what's the reccomendation? I want to book with a reputable guide service and get a great day of fishing. I also notice that in booking a trip they are well fish specific! I know that any guide service has a no gaurentee catch policy but in the case were you are unable to make a hook up with a specific species will they make the switch or keep pluggin away?

As always I just wanna make the hook up! Don't think it will really matter with what just that we meet some new puckered faces and enjoy getting a nice tan. Love the freshwater sport and am really interested in meeting some of the salt guys and enjoying their sport!

Should I go with a Orvis endorsed lodge?

Thanks for any help as always!