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    I was wondering if anyone here had the Fishpond Blue River pack and if so what do you think about it? Do you have a problem with getting in too deep in the Smokies and getting it wet and everything in it? What do you like/dislike about it? Thanks


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    Smile Great Pack

    I had to replace my Filson Strap Vest after a tumble that had me wrestling with a sapling-it turns out Filson is going to fix it-but in the meantime I bought a Blue River pack. I really like it-it is nice to wear as a lumbar pack when hiking to and from the water and I have been able to rig all of my gear inside it. The strap vest forced me to minimalize and I am actually able to handle more gear in the Fishpond. It is also going to be really nice in my drift boat! $60- I'm happy with it.

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    I'd trade a strap vest for one, especially a blue one


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    I can't make a comment specifically on the blue river pack, but i will vouch for the quality of fishpond stuff. I have many fishpond products and i can't stress enough about how great their products are. Definitely second to none!


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