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Thread: Bamboo Help!!!

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    Default Bamboo Help!!!

    There is a 6' 2/2 3-wt. bamboo fly rod made from a heddon trade rod that I can purchase for $175.00. The seller has put on a new mildrum stripper, candy apple red wraps, new guides and tip tops, new AAA cork, and a new cocobolo reelseat and it comes with sock and tube. Is it worth the money? Thanks for any info as I have never cast a bamboo before, but this seems like a way to get into it.
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    Default Bamboo

    I say check E-bay there are usually a couple hundred bamboo rods on there. I recantly found a three peice that I got for 50.00 but I need to find someone in the middle TN area to do a little restoration on it. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

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    BUY BUY BUY!!! actually I don't know very much at all about bamboo. sounds like a pretty good deal though. that would be a nice little brookie rod for around here. I'm suprised nobody's really responded. I figured there were some boo enthusiasts hanging around here. may be that they're keeping their mouth shut and trying to figure out where that rod is.

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    Default Bamboo Rod Restoration

    I would suggest getting in touch with Walter Babb. He is a guide with LRO and makes wonderful bamboo rods and he may do some restoration. Contact him through Little River Outfitters.
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    You need to watch some of those rods that have been cut down, cut from the tip, some are to soft, cut from the butt, they are like broomsticks.
    I hope you have the opportunity to cast it before you buy it.

    JG, there's a guy here in Nashville that does reasonable restorations as well as builds boo rods, PM me if you'd like & i'll give ya the info.


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