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Thread: Big Run, VA

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    Default Big Run, VA

    I am really starting to get excited as I plan a trip to Big Run. At times I think I have almost as much fun planning a trip as going on it. Notice I said almost.
    I enjoy tying for a new trip even though I have more than enough flies before I get started.

    I am going to backpack in about 3-4 miles to Big Run and fish for 3 days. I am hoping to catch some of those big Brookies that Harry Murray talks about. Even if I don't catch many I know I will have a great time as I have backpacked in the Shenandoah's before and it was beautiful.

    I am leaving on April 22nd and I will give a full report when I get home. If you do not see a report then the bears got me!!

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    Have a great trip.

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