I found a pretty darn cool forum dedicated to the Texas, Florida, Alabama, and Carolina's coast. Since all of us are dedicated to finding out what's biting, where and what there biting on this site is a pretty good 1. There are some steller guys on the board and there are also a quite a few different guides. This forum is mainly dedicated to regions within Florida but there are a places for other members to post about neighboring areas. There's also plenty of posting's in regard to fishing local lakes.

Byron, I figured since you have now become addicted to your Mac's you would enjoy looking at another forum dedicated to salt! Sorry to contribute to your newest addiction! I figured you of all would appreciate drooling over the pics, and theres plenty of em'. I haven't seen alot of post in regards to tarpon, but I think it's just because the season hasn't officially started....Plenty of cobia and red fish pics for now to drool over! Also a few repors based out of Port St. Joe's......

I think I've managed some advertising/marketing while on the site too, paying my debt to ya! Just telling them if they ever make it up, to make a pit stop in good ol Townsend to a wordclass fly shop, we call our own!


PS~Byron can u shoot me an email in regards to a tarpon leader make up! Also, I've probably asked you a dozen times now, where are the wadable spots in the area so I can google them up and take a peek!

Thanks again!