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  • I tie 25% of the flies that I fish with.

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  • I tie 75% of the flies that I fish with.

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  • I don't buy flies anymore.

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Thread: To Tie or Not to Tie

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    Default To Tie or Not to Tie

    How many of you tie flies?

    Hey, you guys that do, how long did you fish before starting to?


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    i tied i can't see well enough to tie them. so i buy them.
    I started with nothing, and I have most of it left.

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    Only a year after I started fishing, My big brother got me into it. I started tying at the age of 14...mainly woolybuggers...been tying for 5 years now, youd think I would actually be good at it by now, but I just dont do it enough. You know, the crazy life of a college student. Iv graduated now to various nymphs and wet fly's but thats as far as I can go.

    Pro's-The most rewarding feeling when you catch a fish on something you tie.
    ~If our father had had his say, nobody who did not know how to catch a fish would be allowed to disgrace a fish by catching him.~

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    Default Tie!!!

    I was tying my own flies (if you could call them that) within 6 months of getting a fly rod. I started out tying panfish bugs and then moved up to Wooly Buggers. Last year I discovered the Fly Anglers On Line site that has a huge archive of flies. I'm now tying Hare's Ears, Zonkers, Gurglers, James Woods Bucktails, etc. I tied my first Double Bunny yesterday. I've really gotten into foam poppers and am using the Pugliosi synthetics to make frog legs and craw claws. I even developed a little bug made from small foam tubes.
    Before I started FF, I was making my own spinnerbaits and in-line spinners. It was then that I got caught up in catching fish with your own lure. There is just something special about hooking up on a home-made.
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    I tie to save money. Anyone who says it isn't cheaper just, well, they just spend too much on materials, I guess. But, come about late April through October, I have a hard time keeping up with my needs because, frankly, I'd rather be on the water than behind a vice that part of the year, so I supplement with mail ordered flies. Also, when visiting a destination for more than a few days, I usually grab some local patterns, just to avoid being a freeloader when I stop in the shop to find out what's going on. I'll probably buy a dozen or three flies from LRO when I'm down there this Spring.
    Please bear in mind that I have no idea what I am talking about.

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    I tie 75% of my flies. The ones I buy are usually when I see a new pattern that catches my eye and I'll buy at least three. Two to use and one as an example in case it works well and I decide to tie my own. The expense can be high at first with the vise, tools, basic materials, etc. but the reward of catching something you created is pretty awesome! I tie yearround, mainly during the week, weekends are for fishin them!
    Been tying about 9 years now.

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    Default Why I tie

    I have been seriously fly fishing for about 3 years. At about the same time I started fly fishing, I purchased a beginners kit and started tying. I still tie some rather un-attractive flies. I find a get deal of satisfaction catching fish on flies I tie myself. I also have an artistic side and it plays a big role in the whole thing. For me it is part of the over all fly fishing experience and as my tying gets better the more I enjoy it but I still buy flies, and I often do not have enough time. I am still a novice but now have the confidence to bring my gear to work and at lunch tie a couple.

    Con is it can be fustrating.

    Pro the satisfaction of having a fish hit a dry fly I tie myself makes it all worth the effort.

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    Default Fly tying

    Started tying 26 years ago to save money. I even went to a furrier inside Lenox mall in Atlanta and ask for "scrap fur" for material! Needless to say, I had some beautiful brown mink nymphs for many years!

    My vice is never down, and unfortuneatly for my wife, the flytying desk has overtaken the computer desk. Believe it or not I enjoy tying and using my hands as an art form after a long day of using my hands for other things.

    Pro- Getting a 18 inch brown or rainbow to slowly examine your dry fly for about a foot, and then ever so slightly sip it in.

    Con- Tying a #20 parachute adams is far more difficult than helping sew a 1.5mm obtuse marginal circumflex coronary artery after 20 years of that experience!

    Flat Fly'n
    I am a great admirer of spectator sports, especially on television; it keeps the riffraff off the trout streams.

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    I used to tie but life and young kids seem to take priority over many things. I look forward to teaching the kids!

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    I started tying around a year after I started fly fishing. I voted for the "I never buy flies" category, but that's not entirely true. I tie probably 98% of what I use, but will on occasion buy a fly to use as a pattern design or to fill out my box on strange water. I also highly value flies tied by friends, acquaintances, and well-known tiers. For example, I'd never turn down an offer of a dozen free flies from A.K. Best, although I'd be more likely to frame something like that than fish with them. Catching a fish on a store-bought fly is fun, but catching one on a fly I tied just adds an extra layer of fun to the whole process. Never let anyone say I turned my back on more fun. If you crave yet more fun, build your own rod. Using equipment I've built grafts an indefineable "rightness" onto an already exhilirating sport. Take care,

    Nathan Kennedy
    "I ain't rich, But Lord I'm free" - Amarillo By Morning, George Strait

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