The Bamboo Bash will kick off Thursday morning at LRO starting at about 0900. We will have bamboo fisher folk from around the nation attending. Additionally, the famous Jim Bresko, owner of Coldwater Collectibles will be in town with a load of very interesting rods. Other attendees will likewise have rods to view, cast, and purchase.

We are a loose association of bamboo rod collectors/fishers tied together by the Classic Flyrod Forum and other venues. This will be a casual gatering, with opportunities to talk rods, get input, and fish the beautiful Smoky Mts. We have folks coming in from Michigan, Ohio, Maryland, the Carolinas and numerous other spots.

Most of us will be staying at Docks Motel and the Bash continues thru Sunday. We will start each day at LRO and schedule events at that time. If you have questions or interest in bamboo fly rods and fishing the same show up and we will help you down the slippery path to the dreaded "canitis" disease; from which there is no known cure.

Ralph Shuey