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    Kelso, TN on the bank of the Elk River

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    couple of weeks back I finally met, fished and paddled with "Mighty River" great guy, if you ever get to spend the day on the water with him, will be time well spent.

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    mighty river = wndeagle on this website, and thanks again for sharing your day and your knowledge of the river elk riverrat!

    i took my wife to the elk on friday, and was disappointed at the condition of the water. lots of algae and slime, and a raw sewage odor that was very strong. only one fish to hand all afternoon, my worst day there ever.

    i guess it's all due to lack of generation because of the drought. are the other tailwaters experiencing the same?


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    the caney has been wide open for nearly two weeks. it would be nice if the tva could send a pulse through the elk a time or two a week just to push the slime out. the duck is fishing well, but there are very few,if any, fish over 14"

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