Drove over Saturday for the day. Not a bad crowd. Lots of insects throughout the day. The dry fly fishing started at 10:45. Moved around very little. I picked out a long deep pool and picked off risers for the better part of three hours in the afternoon. For the most part, fish seemed to be eating midges but also bwo"s. I used #20 griffith gnats, #18 cdc transitional dun, #18 parachute olive. I saw two very large rainbows in this particular pool. One amusing sight while I sat still on the waters edge, two browns about 12 inches a piece came swimming up the bank side by side, sometimes darting at each other. When they got just up stream of me, one slowly rises up as if to inspectsomething on top. This one brown gets completely vertical, barlely moving his fins and tail, as if he wanted to look straight up. He actually floated with the current for a couple of feet in this position. A great day to be out in the mountains.