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Thread: what kind of fish? is this???

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    Thanks for the clarification, John.

    Now...I have to worry about TWO creatures I don't want to run into on the stream!


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    Its been several years since I have seen a "waterdog" (as we call em up here). Its illegal to kill them where I live, but some ppl do. Live and let live! Enjoy all creatures.

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    Growing up, we would occasionally catch them when still fishing with nightcrawlers or crayfish. Strangely enough, they do make a "barking" sound when they are pulled from the water. They real treat is getting them unhooked.

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    Could it be a Waterdog ?

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    Those things are mean as the devil. I used to see them around here but not in a while. But that don't mean they aren't here they are pretty elusive. The last on I saw was right up the road from the house in the Clinch River here in SW VA and it was a monster. Probably the biggest I have ever saw. We were looking at it off a walk bridge and coudl see it really plain up on a flat ledge rock. I know that VDIGF was doing a survey on Hellbenders on Big Tumbling creek several years back you may be able to find some info there.

    CPR= catch, photo, & release!

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