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Thread: couple of hours on the SoHo

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    Default couple of hours on the SoHo

    I only had a couple of hours to fish today. I can be on the South Holston tailwater in about 20 minutes. We had a pretty strong front move through last night and the water had a little color. I noticed that the fish just weren't active. I got to the river just before noon and needed to leave by 2:00. I din't do much in the first hour, 1 little brown and a rainbow. Then I started to find a few fish and managed 10 more the second hour, mostly small browns (8-12"). I lost a decent, brightly colored rainbow (about 15"). Then I spotted a couple of more rainbows, but I just couldn't get them today. I love casting to visible fish and usually don't give up, but I was out of time and wanted to take a look at one more spot. I found 2 more decent rainbows and ended the day when I got the smaller of the 2 (again about 15") to take my nymph. By the time I had landed and released this fish it was 2:00 and I always love to end the day with a fish, so I strung up and headed home. The final rainbow was a real colorful fish, sorry no pics. As usually it seemed like the fish were beginning to get active when it was time for me to head home. But I have a wife and a 5-yr. old daughter who want to spend some time with Dad on his day off. As soon as I learn a little more about how its done I will try posting some pics.

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    Anybody fishing the Watauga tomorrow??

    MtnMike check your pm's

    Gerry Romer

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