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    Being a gear freak, I've collected more than my fair share of fishing gear that I very seldom use. I am currently using a chest/back pack. I've collected 2 vests, a satchel, and a fanny pack.

    Question: What do you all do with your extra gear. I've started my spring cleaning and I'm looking for a way to donate some gear that is still very useable.

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    The Boy Scouts started teaching the Fly Fishing merit badge around here a few years ago and they are always looking for good gear to use in the classes. Very good cause. Have seen it first hand. I donated 8 spools of new fly line last year. I think TFO donates some rods. If you want you can send the stuff to me and I will get it to the right people or you can donate it locally, if they do a lot of teaching FF in the BSA where you are from.

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    E-Bay it and buy more stuff! Just kidding!!

    I second the Boy Scouts. I was a boy scout myself and donate anything I am not using anymore to them. I also buy my X-mas tree from them each year... Good choice TA...

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