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Thread: Hiwassee, Sunday 4/29...

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    Default Hiwassee, Sunday 4/29...

    Hi All!
    Just wondering what they hit for ya on Sunday? I fished from 'bout 2-4 and caught a few 11 inchers on nymphs, but would have loved to used a dry instead. I only saw the occasional rise, but did see some winged critters, possibly Mayflies?, but not what I would call a major hatch of anything that time of day.- -oh yeah, I did miss one on a stimulator, but the fish were not fighting each other for it.
    best ones
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    I haven't been able to fish since last week but I'll probably be on the water tomorrow. If I catch fish, I'll let you know what worked...
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    I usually look at the following website when planning a trip to the HI. I have met him on the river and he is very nice. He gives you a bit of local insight into the river.

    Hope this helps,
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