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Thread: Topwater for Smallies

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    The top water action is here!! Some pics from yesterday...

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    nice fish.

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    I fished for the brown bass again yesterday. I cannot get anything on a streamer! But as soon as I put on a sneaky pete and threw to the far bank under a bush, I saw a brown back turn from 4ft away and execute a shark-like attack on my popper. Man I love that!

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    Two weeks ago, I couldn't get any smallies on top, but over the last week everything changed. I've still caught a few by bankshooting streamers, when the water was offcolor from last weeks showers ,but since it has cleared and warmed even more, the poppers are working good. Shady areas in the late afternoon have produced my biggest fish this week. I want to go this weekend, but its Mother's day and the wife has other plans for me and the kids! I suggested we spend the day in the mtns but that didn't fly. She knows me too well! It's sad when you look forward to the next work week just so you can get in a few hours of evening fishing!

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