Some of you may like to Fly fish for largemouth bass and crappie. I definitely do! My father's B-day is today,"72" and he's still fishing as much as possible. I went up to the lake yesterday afternoon for a fish fry dinner with my parents. (Yum!) He builds alot of crappie fish attractors in the cove they are at. The lake is still low due to the lack of rain and TVA is generating lots of power lately, the lake level is below normal. I noticed at least 4 different sets of largemouth bass holding around these brushpiles looking to spawn. Some of them (females) looked at least 3pds or more. Since I normally carry my 6wt and some flies with me in the truck, I decided to see if they would play. I do C&R anyways but no luck with them yet. They wouldn't eat anything. In about 3-4 weeks though, they will be post spawn and very hungry. The best time to target them in shallow water on the fly. I'll be out there again and hope to report some good results. In the meantime the crappie are moving closer to the banks and can be caught on flies under an indicator.