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    There are a couple lakes up here that have good smallie populations. (one that hardly anyone knows about- it has some pigs. i took a 6-7lb one a rapala though) Has anyone fished stillwater for smallmouth? What tactics should I employ? I know where the bass should be most of the time, but I dont know how to go after them. Thanks.

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    Default Stillwater smallies

    I can recommend a book for stillwater smallies; Smallmouth Strategies for th Fly Rod, By Will Ryan. You can catch them with the rapalas just mimick that with a fly. Maybe a popper or a diver or a deceiver. Different conditions, different tactics.
    Get that book though, it is a good one. You get one over 4lb on the fly rod you better post it! I caught a few small ones today, a 12" smallmouth feels like a 15" trout, they are absolute thugs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jswitow View Post
    a 12" smallmouth feels like a 15" trout, they are absolute thugs!
    I would second that; I've caught a few up in Canada, and I think if you tied a 10 inch Smallmouth tail to tail with a 5lb largemouth, the smallmouth would tow that largemouth all over the place. They pull like a redfish, and jump like miniature tarpon. IMO, if you had to pick one fish to go for, strictly on fighting ability, it would be a smallmouth.

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    Default Smallies

    I would toss the same flies for Smallies in stillwater as I would in a river. Try your topwater (poppers), subsurface (James Woods Bucktail), & bottom stuff (craws, buggers). A weighted Leech pattern is good, too. I have also had some luck FFing a very small Roadrunner. Below is a great article about alternative fly baits, like pork rind.
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