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    Hey all,

    Just got back from a backcountry trip to Forney Creek. I didn't get any pictures but thought I would let you know how it went. We arrived at the tunnel entrance to the trailhead about 11:00AM Thursday. Strapped on the packs and headed out. The forecast was for showers through the weekend, so didn't know what to expect. I had decided to hike to campsite #70. It is a 6.5 mile hike and took us about 2.5 hours. We arrived at #70 around 2:30PM. I had decided not to stay at campsite #71 because it is a very popular campsite. But I have to tell you it sure was a good looking campsite. The site we stayed out (#70) is at the confluence of Jonas Creek and Forney Creek. There were a couple of hikers already there and they had set up next to Forney Creek and we chose a spot along side Jonas Creek. We had the camp set up by about 3:30PM and decided to do a little fishing, so far beautiful weather. We fished around the camp and just didn't do much. My partner is realatively new to creek fishing and I spend most of my time on tailwaters and bigger creeks. My partner caught 2 bows and I caught 2 bows out of Forney and came back to camp and caught 1 bow in Jonas right above the tent. We had dinner and it started to rain so we called it an early night. Decided to go below the confluence the next morning, the weather was great, water tempature stayed between 56 & 58. I caught 1 bow real quick followed by a decent brown (the only brown of the trip). Didn't do much the rest of the morning. Bugs everywhere, no fish rising. Stopped at camp for lunch. Headed upriver to where Huggins Creek comes in. Thought I might catch a brookie for the slam. It's about 2 miles to Huggins. Decided not to fish Huggins as there is no trail and it started out steep from the get go. Fished some on the way up as well as on the way back. Managed only about 6 bows in the afternoon for a total of just 8 fish for the day, my partner had 10 on the day. My highlight may have been casting over a flat rock about midstream trying to lay my line on it for a drift through the run on the other side. Hooked a decent bow that jumped 3 times land right on the middle of that rock on his 3rd jump, it was enough of a blow to get the hook out and he swam away just fine. Arrived back at camp just in time to beat the thunderstorm. My partner fished after the storm and managed 2 more, I decided to take it easy. It rained most of the night Friday night and we woke up to rain and swollen streams on Saturday morning. We started out about 8:00AM. Campsite #71 was pretty crowded about 7 groups. We arrived at the point in the trail where we would leave the creek around 9:00AM. The creek is beautiful here and a little larger we decided to try our luck for a while. It was raining and the water had some color, we were hoping for a nice brown. Didn't get a hit. After about 30 minutes started to get a little cold, we had 4.5 miles to the car and decided to head out. It finally stopped raining and we got to the car around 11:00AM. Arrived home around 2:30PM and spent all afternoon go through wet gear and trying to find a place for it to dry. In the end I landed 11 fish and my partner landed 14. Not exactly what we had hoped for. Sorry the report is so long but several folks had asked for a report from that area. To sum it up the creek has a lot of pocket water and short but deep runs, especially above capsite #71. Below there it is a bigger creek and while I didn't see a lot of it I think it has more long runs and larger pools. If you want more info. send me a PM (some of you had said you were thinking about heading that way).

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    Nice report. I would love to fish that part of the Park, but it's tough with my kids - probably a bit too much hiking for them. Maybe my oldest daughter and I could try something like that sometime.

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