I went up high just before lunch today,a little below Towee creek. I didn't feel like hiking very far with a chance of thunderstorms so I put up with seeing a lot more people today. Found a nice piece of water that had good numbers of fish rising. Right before the pulse came up at 12:00, there were bwo's, small sulphurs, large caddis, and another small mayfly. I caught two nice trout on a caddis pattern and one smallmouth on a olive bugger . After the water went down, the caddis were few and far between but the mayflies more than made up for them. Small, creamy colored mayflies, a #16-18. Most of the fish were keyed on the emerging insect the rest of the day....4:00 when the water came up again. Very tough to get fish interested in a good dead drift. I believe a small soft hackle fished down and across would have been the ticket but sometimes I'm stubborn and I kept changing patterns with the dry. This mayfly was different than the big hatch I experienced last week. For some reason, these fish really didn't want the dun. Nice calm,foggy,drizzly day on the river.