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Thread: Decisions, Decisions

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    Default Golf?

    BTW.......What is golf? Is that the game that 100 year old women can hit a hole in one? The game that makes old men useful and young men useless?

    For Jswitow,
    Fished the Clinch yesterday by the jail with the gracious help from the church parking lot. I did see one disturbing thing. Someone just drove past the far lot and along side the river into the hayfield to get down the river. Maybe they have permission, but hopefully this will not be a trend. I remember parking at then the Piggly Wiggly and walking down the drainage ditch or along the railroad track just to fish that section years ago. Please just park in the lot and take the 1-2 minute hike to the river.

    A very small hatch came off for about 20 min. just to see some rises. We only fished about 2 hours due to some pre and post honeydo's on both our parts. Both of us touched about 7-8 fish and LDR'd more. One clump of grass I pulled up had no lie about 40 sulphur nymphs in it. It was on a log and free of silt, the other stuff that had silt in it had few to no nymphs. No big fish seen, or caught, but then again I wasn't at work.

    Heading back to the stripers and white bass today AFTER I get my blackberry fixed or replaced. Yes, I took my first baptism in years yesterday, the one day I forgot to bring a plactic bag for my phone!! I got home and vacuum sealed it in rice and left overnight. It cut on this am, recieved and made calls and now has died again!! Maybe from the rice kernals that are inside the device!

    Anybody know of a waterproof bag, device, or why doesn't someone just make a vest with a waterproof container built into it?

    Flat Fly'n
    I am a great admirer of spectator sports, especially on television; it keeps the riffraff off the trout streams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psnapp View Post
    Paula -- with this very "politically incorrect" response, you are banned from posting for 1 week! And, I'm sure Byron would agree with me!

    Heh....nice try.


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    Man, those golf bats are expensive, stick with the fishing.


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