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    Hello guys. I am really excited about finding this website, a ton of information about the the smokies and fishing in general. I found the link on the Orvis website. I hope to make my first trip to fish the smokies this summer (gas prices willing). I am looking for a good small stream rod and wanted to get an orvis superfine, but they have changed up the rod some, and I just don't like the new reel seat. I wish I had started looking for a superfine late last year when they discontinued them. However, I am currently looking at the T3 2 weight. Is it a good rod for small streams? I use a TFO 2 weight right now and like the action. I was hoping that the two actions would be similar. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Welcome to the board.

    I don't know much about the action of the Orvis T3, but a 2 wt is a good rod for the Park if you're planning on dry fly fishing. If I'm going nymph, double nymph or try some bigger boogers I'll take my Sage 5wt, if I'm planning to nymph or dry or dry/dropper combo I'll take my TFO 4 wt. If I'm dry fly fishing only, I'll use my Winston 3wt. This is just my personal preference I've developed over the years. The more you search this site, you'll find TONS of discussion on this topic. As far as the T3 you mentioned, I'm sure others who are familiar with it will be glad to lend their advice.
    May you fish more than you wish for.

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